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Global Nanocellulose Market to 2033 - Featuring Granbio, Asahi Kasei, Cellucomp and Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Among Others

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Dublin, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The Global Market for Nanocellulose to 2033" report has been added to's offering.

The global nanocellulose (NC) market has accelerated over the last few years as producers in Japan and to a lesser extent North America and Europe bring products to market. The development of these remarkable materials has compelled major paper and pulp producers to gravitate their traditional business towards advanced biorefineries, which have met with initial success and resulted in production capacity increases.

Three types of NC are commercially available: cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), cellulose nanofibers (CNF), and bacterial nanocellulose (BNC). In addition to being produced in different ways, these three types also vary in their physico-chemical properties, from size to crystallinity. The most commercially produced NC is CNF, which is produced on a large scale in Japan.

NC materials are abundant, renewable and inexpensive but are extremely strong, durable, and lightweight, non-toxic and are lower cost than other advanced materials and nanomaterials. Used as a materials additive and in composites, nanocellulose will help to drive the global move away from oil-based plastics and products to sustainable, bio-based alternatives.

Nanocellulose (NC) can be derived from a multitude of abundant cellulosic biomass sources such as wood pulp, agricultural crops, organic waste, as well as from bacteria. Properties including high tensile strength, biocompatibility, and high aspect ratio make it attractive to a wide range of markets, from medical to construction to aerospace. As nanocellulose originates from renewable matter, its potential to replace petroleum-derived materials in films, coatings, composites, and packaging are particularly interesting in the wake of current political and societal movements towards reduction of plastic consumption. Most of the NC being developed for commercial purposes is in the form of CNF. Currently, many NC-based applications are at an early stages, with some applications already commercially available, mainly in Japan.

The Global Market for Nanocellulose to 2033 is the most comprehensive and up-to date report on nanocellulose currently available. Profiling over 160 companies, the report provides key information for investors and executives to enable them to understand and take advantage of the opportunities provided by nanocellulose. A must-have for anyone interested in the business and investment opportunities in nanocellulose, The Global Market for Nanocellulose to 2033 contains:

  • Tabular data on current nanocellulose products.

  • Market assessment by nanocellulose type: cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), cellulose nanofibers (CNF), and bacterial nanocellulose (BNC).

  • Assessment of nanocellulose by market including applications, key benefits, market megatrends, market drivers for use of nanocellulose, technology drawbacks, competing materials, estimated consumption of nanocellulose to 2033 and main OEMs in each market with potential interest in nanocellulose for product integration.

  • Graphical depictions of nanocellulose applications by market.

  • In depth-assessment of nanocellulose producer and distributor pricing in 2022.

  • Global market for nanocellulose in tons, by sector, historical and forecast to 2033.

  • In-depth profiles of nanocellulose producers including products, production capacities, manufacturing methods, collaborations, licensing, customers and target markets. Companies profiled include Granbio, Asahi Kasei, Cellucomp, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper, Daio Paper, DKS, Fiberlean, Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd. Innventia AB, KRI, Inc., Melodea, Nippon Paper, Oji and many more.

  • 112 cellulose nanofiber company profiles

  • 21 cellulose nanocrystal company profiles

  • 20 bacterial nanocellulose company profiles

  • Detailed forecasts for key growth areas, opportunities and demand.

Key Topics Covered:




4.1 Standards
4.1.1 International Standards Organization (ISO)
4.1.2 American National Standards
4.1.3 CSA Group
4.2 Toxicity
4.3 Regulation


6.1 Cellulose nanofiber (CNF)
6.2 Cellulose nanocrystal (CNC)
6.3 Bacterial nanocellulose (BNC)

7.1 Composites
7.1.1 Market overview
7.1.2 Applications Automotive composites Biocomposite films & packaging Barrier packaging Thermal insulation composites Construction composites
7.1.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.1.4 Product developers
7.2 Automotive
7.2.1 Market overview
7.2.2 Applications Composites Air intake components Tires
7.2.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.2.4 Product developers
7.3 Buildings and construction
7.3.1 Market overview
7.3.2 Applications Sandwich composites Cement additives Pump primers Thermal insulation and damping
7.3.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.3.4 Product developers
7.4 Paper and board packaging
7.4.1 Market overview
7.4.2 Applications Reinforcement and barrier Biodegradable food packaging foil and films Paperboard coatings
7.4.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.4.4 Product developers
7.5 Textiles and apparel
7.5.1 Market overview
7.5.2 Applications CNF deodorizer and odour reducer (antimicrobial) in adult and child diapers Footwear
7.5.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.5.4 Product developer profiles
7.6 Biomedicine and healthcare
7.6.1 Market overview
7.6.2 Applications Wound dressings Drug delivery stabilizers Tissue engineering scaffolds
7.6.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.6.4 Product developers
7.7 Hygiene and sanitary products
7.7.1 Market overview
7.7.2 Applications
7.7.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.7.4 Product developers
7.8 Paints and coatings
7.8.1 Market overview
7.8.2 Applications
7.8.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.8.4 Product developers
7.9 Aerogels
7.9.1 Market overview
7.9.2 Global market in tons to 2033
7.9.3 Product developers
7.10 Oil and gas
7.10.1 Market overview
7.10.2 Applications Oil recovery applications (fracturing fluid) CNF Membranes for separation Oil and gas fluids additives
7.10.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.10.4 Product developers
7.11 Filtration
7.11.1 Market overview
7.11.2 Applications Membranes for selective absorption
7.11.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.11.4 Product developers
7.12 Rheology modifiers
7.12.1 Market overview
7.12.2 Applications Food additives Pickering stabilizers Hydrogels Cosmetics and skincare
7.12.3 Global market in tons to 2033
7.12.4 Product developers
7.13 Other markets
7.13.1 Printed, stretchable and flexible electronics Market assessment Product developers
7.13.2 3D printing Market assessment Product developers
7.13.3 Aerospace Market assessment Product developers
7.13.4 Batteries Market assessment







Companies Mentioned

  • AgriSea NZ Seaweed Ltd

  • Aichemist Metal Inc.

  • Alberta Innovates/Innotech Materials LLC

  • Anomera, Inc.

  • ANPOLY, Inc.

  • Asahi Kasei Corporation

  • Axcelon Biopolymers Corporation

  • Azolla

  • Azul Energy

  • Beijing Ding Sheng Xiong Di Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Betulium Oy

  • BIO-LUTIONS International AG

  • BioSmart Nano

  • Bioweg

  • Blue BioFuels, Inc.

  • Blue Goose Biorefineries (BGB) Inc.

  • Borregaard ChemCell

  • Bowil Biotech Sp. z o.o.

  • Bucha Bio, Inc.

  • Cass Materials Pty Ltd

  • Ceapro, Inc.

  • Cellfion AB


  • Cellucomp Ltd

  • CelluDot LLC

  • Celluforce, Inc

  • Cellugy

  • Cellutech AB (Stora Enso)

  • Centre Technique du Papier (CTP)

  • Chemkey Advanced Materials Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  • Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

  • CNNT

  • Daicel Corporation

  • DaikyoNishikawa Corporation

  • Daio Paper Corporation

  • Daishowa Paper Products Co. Ltd.

  • Denso Corporation

  • DePuy Synthes

  • DIC

  • DKS Co. Ltd.

  • Earth Recycle Co., Ltd.

  • Ehime Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

  • Evolgene Genomics SL

  • Fiberlean Technologies

  • Fillerbank Limited

  • FineCell Sweden AB

  • Forest Products Laboratory (FPL)

  • Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd.

  • Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd

  • FZMB GmbH

  • Gen Corporation

  • Glamarium OU Technologies

  • Granbio Technologies

  • GreenNano Technologies Inc.

  • GS Alliance Co. Ltd.

  • Guilin Qihong Technology

  • Hansol Paper., Ltd.

  • Harvest Nano, Inc.

  • Hattori Shoten K.K.

  • Hexa Chemical Co. Ltd./Nature Gift

  • Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.

  • i-Compology Corporation

  • InventWood

  • Ioncell

  • JeNaCell GmbH Evonik

  • Kami Shoji Company

  • Kao Corporation

  • KRI, Inc.

  • Kruger Biomaterials, Inc.

  • Kusano Sakko Inc.

  • Lohmann & Rauscher International GmbH & Co KG

  • MakeGrowLab

  • Maniwa Biochemical

  • Marine Nanofiber Co., Ltd.

  • Marusumi Paper Company Limited

  • Marutomi Seishi Co., Ltd.

  • Masuko Sangyo Co., Ltd.

  • Melodea Ltd.

  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation/Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited

  • Mizuno Kinzoku Shoji Co., Ltd.

  • Modern Synthesis

  • Moorim P&P

  • Mori Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • MOVIC AMT Co., Ltd.

  • Nano Novin Polymer Co


  • Nanolinter

  • Nanollose Ltd

  • National Research Company

  • Natural Friend

  • Nature Costech Co., Ltd.

  • Nature Gifts Co., Ltd.

  • Navitas d.o.o (NANOCRYSTACELL)

  • Nippon Paper Group, Inc.

  • Nippon Shizai Co., Ltd

  • Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Norske Skog ASA

  • Ocean TuniCell AS

  • Oji Holdings Corporation

  • Omura Paint Co., Ltd.

  • Onkyo Corporation

  • Osaka Gas Group

  • Panasonic

  • Performance BioFilaments Inc

  • PhotoCide Protection, Inc.

  • Polybion

  • Poly-Ink

  • Rengo Co., Ltd.

  • Renmatix, Inc.

  • Ripro Corporation

  • Rise Innventia AB

  • Risho Kogyo Co. Ltd.

  • Sanwa Kako Co. Ltd

  • Sappi Limited

  • ScobyTec GmbH

  • Seiko PMC Corporation

  • Seven Industria De Produtos Biotecnologicos Ltda

  • Sharp Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.

  • Shinwa Kako KK

  • Starlite Co., Ltd.

  • Stora Enso Oyj

  • Sugino Machine Limited

  • Svilosa AD

  • Sweetwater Energy

  • Taiyo Holdings Co Ltd

  • Take Cite Co., Ltd.

  • Tentok Paper Co. Ltd

  • The Japan Steel Works Ltd

  • Tianjin Woodelfbio Cellulose Co., Ltd.

  • Tianjon Haojia Cellulose Co., Ltd.

  • Toagosei Co. Ltd.

  • Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.

  • Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

  • Toray Industries, Inc.

  • Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

  • Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

  • Toyota Boshoku Corporation

  • TPS, Inc

  • TS Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Ube Industries, Ltd.

  • UMaine Process Development Center

  • Unitika Co., Ltd.

  • University of Maine Process Development Center

  • UPM-Kymmene Corporation

  • US Forest Products Laboratory (FPL)

  • Valentis Nanotech

  • Valmet OYJ

  • VERDE Nanomaterials, Inc

  • Verso Corporation

  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

  • Xylocel Oy

  • Yokohama Bio Frontier, Inc.

  • Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.

  • Yoshikawakuni Plastics Industries Co., Ltd.

  • Zelfo Technology GmbH

  • Zeoform

  • Zhejiang Jinjiahao Green Nanomaterial Co., Ltd.

  • ZoepNano Sdn. Bhd

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