Guy Fieri Admits He Doesn't Own One Bowling Shirt Anymore: 'I'm a T-Shirt and Jeans Guy'

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The chef got stuck with the bowling-shirt look early on in his career when he wore one in the pilot for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic
Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

The contents of Guy Fieri's closet may surprise you.

The Tournament of Champions IV host, who is know for his spiky blonde hair and that one flame shirt, clarified to The Wall Street Journal that bowling shirts are not his usual wardrobe — even if that's how fans know him.

"I don't think I even own one [bowling shirt]," said the Mayor of Flavortown. "I'm pretty much a T-shirt and jeans guy. Shorts. Flip-flops. I'm not a real fashion icon."

The origin of Fieri's now-iconic bowling shirt began over 15 years ago. Fieri was wearing the look in his audition tape for Next Food Network Star (which he won in 2006).

Then when "I get a call to do Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ... they said, 'Bring a short-sleeved collared shirt'," added Fieri.

Fieri wore a gray Dickies work shirt with a dark gray panel in the center for the shoot. "When the show got picked up, that's what I had worn in the pilot," he says. "They go, 'That's the wardrobe.'"

Even his most well-known flame shirt is not a closet staple for the chef. The flashy button-up was the uniform at his restaurant Tex Wasabi's in the 2000s and he hasn't worn it since.

"We had several of our staff wear a flame shirt, that's where that picture came from," he told PEOPLE in September. "It had nothing to do with an image. Someone got it, somebody ran with it. But it's hysterical, don't get me wrong."

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The bowling shirt is not the only serendipitous choice that became part of Fieri's iconic look. The celebrity chef's bleached spiky hairstyle was also an accidental hit.

"A friend of mine is a hairdresser, and I had long hair and she would give me a hard time forever about it and one day I said, 'Fine, do whatever you want.' She goes, 'Whatever I want?'" the Guy's Ultimate Game Night star told WSJ, adding that he initially thought the light color was shampoo that she hadn't washed out. "She's like, 'No, that's your hairstyle.'"

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Fieri's first instinct at the time was to hide his newly-bleached hair with a beanie but he has come to embrace the 'do. And the sunglasses he rests on top of those spikes? That was more about function than fashion.

"Why did I put them on the back of my head? Because I didn't have anywhere else to put them," he told PEOPLE. "If I put them around my shirt at the restaurant, they'd fall into food. So I just put them on the back of my head."

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