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'I'm so excited for Gunner to have a sibling': Heidi Montag's pregnancy joy

·2-min read

Heidi Montag is loving every second of being pregnant again.
The 'Hills' star and her husband Spencer Pratt are set to welcome a baby brother for their four-year-old son Gunner, and she's gushed that she can't wait for her little boy to have a sibling.
Heidi, who is five months pregnant, told PEOPLE: "I'm so excited for Gunner to have a sibling.
"He loves babies, he's been asking me for a sibling for so long. So to have this new love and this new relationship that he gets to have and that we all get to have is amazing."
She went on: "I'm excited to be able to go back and have a baby again, to be able to enjoy all those moments."
The 35-year-old beauty revealed her bump is a lot bigger at this stage than when she was expecting Gunner.
And she admitted it's been "life-changing" having her nursey transformed by professionals.
She said: "I'm five months pregnant and as big as I was at like eight months [the first time]. Having so much help and being able to access all of Gunner's stuff, and have it be organised was so important."
She added: "That was just really life-changing for me to have it in order. Everything looks so great in the baskets, and the way she folded, all the t-shirts and the shorts and the pants. All the details add up to how great it is, how accessible it is.
"It was also really stressful and overwhelming, the thought of transforming everything and doing it myself. To have that stress taken off, it just has been the biggest gift."
Last month, the couple held a gender reveal party where blue confetti cannons revealed the sex of the unborn tot, who is due at the start of December.
Heidi shouted at the event: "It's a boy!"
She then admitted: "My whole intuition is off."
Spencer, 39, said: "I wanted whatever she wanted."
Heidi admitted she was hoping for a girl but her son is thrilled to be getting a baby brother.
She added: "Growing up I always wanted boys and then recently, I kinda started thinking, I don't know, I kinda want a girl and having one of each.
"For Gunner, he really wants a brother, so, you know, ultimately I want what would be the best for him and his life."
The couple had struggled to conceive before and will be happy as long as they have a healthy child.
Spencer said: "As long as a human is in her belly, that's a win.
"We're way past worrying about a gender in my brain. Thank you, God, there's a baby here."
Heidi went to extreme lengths to try and get pregnant - including eating raw meat.