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Jeremy Ryan’s New Collection Super Gremlin Takes Over the ETH Blockchain

California, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  The crypto and web3 veteran, NFT Demon, is making waves in the industry with his new NFT collection titled Super Gremlin. The artist’s most recent project is set to hit the metaverse via Decentraland, where a top-quality plot of land has been purchased for the Super Gremlins project. This is the creator’s latest endeavor, with his previous works attracting the attention and involvement of high-profile figures such as Eminem.

Unlike Jeremy Ryan’s (aka NFT Demon’s) former projects, Super Gremlins will be released on the Ethereum blockchain, rather than on Binance Smart Chain. The reason for this is largely due to Ethereum’s huge userbase and ecosystem, unmatched by any rival chains. Not only this, but with Ethereum’s recent merge, making it a fully proof-of-stake blockchain, the network is sure to increase in size and scale. 

The NFT set contains 10,000 assets that will be available to mint, accompanied by a private sale of 5,000 NFTs. Owning one of these NFTs gives you a special utility– it grants you access to Jeremy Ryan himself, providing the opportunity to interact with him online and even via physical events. Additionally, these NFTs will grant access to the prime plot of land that Ryan purchased on Decentraland, essentially turning the virtual location into a third place where like-minded people can congregate, interact, and communicate with Jeremy Ryan. 

One of the goals behind Super Gremlins is to raise awareness of cancer within the web3 space. Jeremy Ryan has experienced personal turmoil from cancer, where he faced a tumor, and various other forms of cancer throughout his body. He was informed by medical staff that it would be extremely unlikely to make a recovery, however, that is exactly what happened. Ryan beat the odds and won his traumatic battle against cancer. In response to this, he wishes to inform more people in the web3 space about the nature and struggle of cancer, in the hopes of instigating positive change.

Jeremy Ryan has a well-revered history in the NFT space. His former projects: Cartel Punks, Badass Doggos, and Gaming Shibas have all made waves in the space and become highly collectible assets among NFT fans. So much so, that even Eminem owns one of his creations. With such a positive history, it is very likely that Super Gremlins will follow suit and become successful in their own right.

About Super Gremlin

Super Gremlin is an NFT Collection aimed to be different from every other project in the NFT space. While other projects focus on profits, the Super Gremlin community helps raise awareness about cancer in the Web 3 community. Inspired by the story of its founder Jeremy Ryan, a brain cancer survivor, we aim to raise awareness & help various organizations through charitable contributions. The Super Gremlin community will also get to learn about NFT Art through various interactions with its founder aka NFT DEMON. 

To learn more about Super Gremlin visit their website | Twitter | Discord 

CONTACT: Media contact: Elouan Le Couteller: