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And Just Like That fans spot huge faux pas from Carrie in new episode

·3-min read
Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

As much as we've loved watching And Just Like That, we've also noticed a few things about the Sex And The City revival that haven't really, er, made sense. From Miranda and Steve's relationship breakdown to the portrayal of dating apps. The latest thing fans have questions over is why Carrie Bradshaw didn't recognise the man Seema Patel has just met.

In the latest episode of AJLT, we joined the main characters as they painted a women's shelter in support of Miranda's new friend Dr. Nya Wallace (played by Karen Pittman.) Despite turning up, Seema (played by Sarita Choudhury) didn't have much interested in joining in, so finds somewhere to sit for a coffee and a cigarette instead.

While there, she's approached by a man - Zed - who just so happens to own the coolest club in Brooklyn, which is convenient considering Seema was looking for somewhere to go dancing earlier in the episode.

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Zed is played by William Abadie, who not only stars in Emily In Paris as Savoir's favourite client, but has also been in Sex And The City before. The 45-year-old played Tony in season six episode five of the original show; the friendly sales associate at Prada who Carrie introduces Berger (Ron Livingston) to.

Er, so either Tony has changed his name to Zed and And Just Like That's Carrie didn't recognise him at the doors of the club, or we're not supposed to remember him? Either way, it didn't get passed fans.

"Are we just pretending like Zed isn't also Tony from Prada s6e5?" one person wrote, while another put, "But today I am mostly concerned with why Carrie didn't say hi to her good friend Tony from Prada who's now the proud owner of the hottest club in Brooklyn."

Someone else put, "#AndJustLikeThat Wait Carrie lived at Prada in the 90s/00s, how does she not recognise Tony from Prada is also Zed the Brooklyn club guy? This is just weird/ lazy re-casting in addition to this whole show being an awful mess."


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