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Lecoo Tech Released the First Conceptional Headphone in an Amazing Way Globally

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Lecoo wants to redefined headphone as a container for young people to display digital art.

China, Beijing, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lecoo Tech. released the first conceptional headphone on June 16, targeting the generation Z users. Generation Z young people have gradually become loyal fans and followers of electronic music culture, and are keen to express the trend of life attitude with electronic music. The Lecoo NFT headphone launch come at the perfect timing to ride on this wave.

Lecoo Tech Released the First Conceptional Headphone in an Amazing Way Globally

MetaNFT, the first metauniverse headphone, is a new definition of the concept of headphone. This headphone is the first one integrated with NFT digital collection and supports Meta scenes. It integrates digital assets, asset security, activity tracking, HI-FI sound quality, and a variety of social elements, which bring generation Z and generation M with ultimate experience of enjoyment.

Lecoo wants to redefined headphone as a container for young people to display digital art. At the same time, the headphone is powered by digital asset security and rights authentication technologies to match the preset values of the digital collection via display setting adjustment . In a recent live broadcast, Lecoo showed how the environment pattern is optimized for this purposes.

MetaNFT metauniverse headphone will not only display NFT but also provide access to its market in the future. Therefore, you can purchase, transfer, or share digital collections through its app with multiple payment methods. In the future, with the evolution of Lecoo planet ecosystem, this platform will make more breakthrough, which would allow you to browse, purchase and display your favorite digital art on it.

In terms of materials, the Lecoo MetaNFT metauniverse Bluetooth-led smart headphone is made of engineering-grade plastic materials. The connecting rod on the headphone is made of metal, with L/R indications on the inside. The screw in the headphone is a hidden design, which is user friendly. The front of the headphone is made of piano baking paint, and the connection of the length adjusting rod is made of metal.

Besides cool and dazzling appearance, the design details of lecoo NFT headphone are also unparalleled. the headphone earmuffs are made of fine leather with tender touch feel for comfortable wearing experience. A high-definition 3.2 inches OLED screen near the ears on both sides, which can perform certain setting operations. This screen can display different interfaces while playing songs.

There is also a heart rate monitoring sensor inside the right headphone and a near-field sensor inside the earmuff. You can listen to music immediately once you wear it on, according to wearing scenarios detected by the near-field sensor.

There is a HOME button at the bottom of the earphone screen. User can click it to enter the system setting interface. The noise reduction microphone and power supply are on the outside of the right side of the earphone. The USB interface, main microphone, and audio access port are distributed on the bottom of the right side.

Lecoo MetaNFT metauniverse earphone has a matching mobile phone application software, which has three gesture recognition functions, namely, sliding back and forth to switch music, sliding up and down to adjust volume, and stand-alone pause/play function. During playback, three buttons will appear in the middle of the lower side of the screen, namely random playback, and local playback.

In terms of breaking through the industrial boundary, Lecoo has always spared no effort to continuously carry out transformation and upgrading through the smart retail industry enabled by the digital economy. From the initial “Place” oriented offline stores to the now booming OMO model, Lecoo, has an excellent development momentum. Therefore, the birth of MetaNFT metauniverse headphone is an amazing move for Lecoo, who pursues change and innovation.

In the current market environment, one of the kingcraft of brand marketing development is how to touch the hearts of young people. Insight and catering to the interests and preferences of young people can often open the door to creativity for brand marketing success. The Lecoo metauniverse Electronic Music Carnival Party launched with Cyberpunk style and the blessing of the Lecoo MetaNFT metauniverse headphone, and brought eye-opening experience to the members of the Lecoo planet.

Company: Lecoo Technology Co., LTD

Contact Person: Vera Chen



Telephone: +86 18511634121

City: China, Beijing

Address: Building 2, Yard 10, Xibeiwang East Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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