Melissa Leo blasts Hollywood for 'appalling' portrayal of women and wants to take on 'broader' roles

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Melissa Leo has blasted Hollywood for an "appalling and unhealthy" portrayal of women.
The 'All My Children' actress - who made her acting debut as Linda Warner in the US soap opera back in 1984 - admitted she wants to take advantage of changing attitudes by taking on roles and stories she couldn't play earlier in her career.
Speaking to US Closer magazine, she said: "I think we are all acutely aware that the portrait of women in film and television coming out of the United States for probably all of my career has been appalling and unhealthy.
"So I am seeking in the final chapter of my career, over the next 10 to 20 years, to try to tell stories about women that are believable and show us in a broader light."
Now, the 61-year-old star explained is inspired by any kind of character she has "not yet played", which led to her title role in new crime drama 'Ida Red'.
She added: "I'm always trying to reinvent and find characters I have not yet played.
"'Ida Red' is an action-adventure picture, which is not really my cup of tea when I am watching for pleasure.
"But the reason I am there is that this is a woman I have not yet played."
The Academy Award-winner - who took home an Oscar for her role in 2010's 'The Fighter' - has also appeared in the likes of 'Homicide: Life on the Street' over the years, but she refuses to choose her favourite part.
She said: "Oh, I can't do that. If I mentioned one, I'd leave out 20. I love my women.
"I love the hateful women, the mean women, the delightful women, the ugly women, the pretty women - I love all the women I've played.
"All of them have made Melissa a better, stronger, more capable, more interesting human being."