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Michelle Heaton's children are her 'biggest supporters'

·2-min read

Michelle Heaton's children are her "biggest supporters".
The Liberty X singer recently celebrated one year sober and though she admitted her children Faith, 10, and eight-year-old AJ - who she has with husband Hugh Hanley -
should never have had to watch her battling alcoholism, they are very proud of how far she is come since going to rehab.
She said: "As children, they should never have had to go through what they did.
"But they’ve both been amazing. We’re all each other’s biggest fans.
"Faith is currently in the midst of sitting her exams for secondary school, which she’ll be starting in September. It’s nerve-wracking, but I’m so proud of everything she’s achieved so far.
"She really is my best friend – even if that means I let her get away with murder – but she’s also my biggest supporter. So is AJ."
And the 42-year-old star's marriage to Hugh - who she wed in 2010 - has got much stronger since she got sober and they finally feel like their "old selves" again.
She told the new issue of Britain's OK! magazine: "Through everything that happened to me, Hugh was as lost as I was.
"He gave up hope because he couldn’t get his head around it.
"It’s only been in the last year or so, after finally being able to understand how to move on as a family, that we’ve felt like our old selves again.
"We’ve always had a rollercoaster relationship. When we first met, in a very short space of time I flew all the way over to Ireland to live with him, then through the marriage, careers, kids, menopause, drinking, we’ve had our highs and lows, but he’s absolutely always been my rock.
"We can only go up from here."
Michelle previously admitted she felt like a "bad mother" when she was struggling with addiction.
She said: "I felt like a bad mother — the worst. I’m so lucky I’ve got two beautiful children.
"They just want to see mummy well and they want to have ‘fun mummy’. They want me to play football with them, they want me to do their hair. It was those simple things that I wasn’t able to give them.
"I never put them at risk in a physical way, but they saw me being sick and were worried about mummy and wondering why she shouted.
“And my husband wondered if I’d be alive when he woke up."

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