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The Most Powerful Moment of Donald Trump’s State of The Union? The Woman He Freed From Prison

Wes Messamore

I was watching President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address Tuesday with my usual cynicism of any of the government’s propagandist ceremonies which cover over with pomp its many notorious defilements of so many people’s life, liberty, and property.

These magnificent annual pageants of trite partisanship follow such a tight script that they are predictable to the point of banality.

The president lists off everything good happening in the world and takes credit for it. Half the room claps effusively while the other crosses their arms and stares blankly. It is a ritual play acting of the cult of partisanship that creates a perpetual scapegoat (the other party!) for the relentless, oppressive impositions of the U.S. federal government on the American people.

It’s a ritual that sanctifies this political-dysfunction-by-design, elevating it as an ideal, while it imbues the ruling executive with an aura of ascendancy.

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