Dame Olivia Newton-John 'wasn't afraid' of death

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Dame Olivia Newton-John "was not afraid" of dying.
The legendary performer - who was known for starring as Sandy in 1978 smash hit movie musical 'Grease' opposite John Travolta and had sold more than 100 million records throughout her 50-year-career - passed away on Monday (09.08.22) at her California ranch following a 30-year battle with cancer aged 73 and now her niece Tottie Goldsmith has claimed that she did not fear death because of how much she had already achieved.
Tottie said: "She was really skinny and really unwell and I said to her, 'Are you afraid of dying?' She said, 'Plonker', which was my nickname, she said, 'I'm not, I'm not afraid, I've done more in my life than I could have ever imagined.' She honestly never imagined her life would be how it was."
Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and lived in remission for almost 20 years before it returned in 2013 and spread to her lower back four years later, and Tottie - who is the daughter of Olivia's late sister Rona Newton-John - explained that she "really went down" in the last week due to "secondary infections" and a poor immune system.
She said: "It wasn't just cancer that got her, it was other complications, being in a hospital and with a very susceptible immune system. She got secondary infections. She really went down in the past five, six days."
The 'Xanadu' actress is also survived by husband John Easterling, 70, as well as her 35-year-old-daughter Chloe, who she had from her first marriage to Matt Lattanzi, and Aussie TV star Tottie went on to explain that while she could not get to her Aunt to be with her before her death, she was able to"say everything she needed to" during a call on FaceTime.
Speaking on Australia's 'A Current Affair' series, she said: "John, her husband, has kept us in the loop and I've been talking to the beautiful Chloe a lot. I couldn't get to America in time and I wanted to say goodbye, so I asked him if he could hold the phone up to her ear, but he got me on Facetime so I managed to see her. I told her all the things I needed to say. She was leaving us... but I could feel like she got it."