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Texas Lawyers Group Expands As A Sexual Harassment Litigation Powerhouse

Texas Lawyers Group
Texas Lawyers Group

Texas Lawyers Group Handling More Sexual Harassment Claims As Practice Group Grows

Houston, TX, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Texas Lawyers Group announced today that the firm is expanding its sexual harassment practice group to handle incoming case volumes.

The firm has established itself as a top firm with sexual harassment lawyers handling diverse cases all over Texas. “We are here to seek justice on behalf of sexual harassment victims and are grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of Texas,” said Jeff Howell, Esq.

With three offices across the state, Texas Lawyers Group handles a number of high-stakes sexual harassment cases involving companies of all sizes.. Sexual harassment is as prevalent as ever in the workplace and many victims are often unsure if they have been sexually harassed and are unclear of their rights if they have been. It’s our mission to assist sexual harassment victims in pursuing their rights in all types of sexual harassment cases to get the compensation they deserve.

Texas Lawyers Group
Texas Lawyers Group

Texas Lawyers Group

Women and men may both be subjected to sexual harassment and that harassment can take many forms. Often we see cases of verbal and non-verbal harassment that may involve gesticulations, photographs, posters, notes, leering eyes, and other conduct which may contribute to a hostile environment. Victims often don’t understand that It may be carried out by a same-sex individual and that it can happen at any workplace activity, function, or event, regardless of location.

Quid pro quo (this for that) harassment, or hostile work environment bullying, are two forms of unlawful workplace abuse. When unwelcome conduct results in an employee’s employment status or benefits changing in an intangible way, it is referred to as quid pro quo harassment where it becomes a condition of continued employment or leads to demotion, termination, or lack of promotion chances. Harassment in a hostile work environment is conduct that is severe or widespread enough to create an intimidating, hostile, or abusive work environment.

Because all these issues may be difficult for a victim to identify and understand while they are being harassed or suffering the aftermath of harassment, our firm prides itself on assisting victims with compassion so that their situation may be investigated and properly addressed with the best legal representation available.

About Texas Lawyers Group

Texas Lawyers Group is a diverse firm working on all types of personal injury and workplace employment and workplace discrimination cases across the state. As the firm continues to grow, it attracts talented sexual harassment litigators to handle its caseload.

For the latest news about Texas Lawyers Group, visit the firm’s newsroom.

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