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Why you need to leave New Zealand if you want to get rich

If you want to become a billionaire – or at least rub shoulders with a future one – here's where you should go to university.

Good luck fulfilling your billionaire aspirations if you stay in New Zealand to study.

The top 20 universities around the world to produce the most billionaires have been revealed – but none of New Zealands’s institutions make the cut.

American universities churn out the most billionaires, according to this year’s Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census report.

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If you want to become a billionaire – or at least rub shoulders with a future one – enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania is the way to go.

Many of the usual suspects followed suit, with Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell and Stanford all making the top 10.

One university to make a surprise appearance was the University of Mumbai in India, which ranks highly at number nine.

The only other non-American university to achieve a top 10 ranking was the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Other options outside of the US for those will billion-dollar dreams are the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia (11) and Switzerland's ETH Zurich (20).

But the dominance of US universities in the rankings doesn’t mean that billionaires are limited to those from America.

According to the report, more than a quarter of billionaires who obtained their degrees at American universities were born outside of the US.

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But for those who balk at the idea of spending their days in a lecture theatre, getting a degree is not a pre-requisite to becoming a billionaire: 35 per cent of the world’s billionaires do not have a bachelor’s degree and some are actually high school drop outs.

Relying on a large inheritance is also becoming less common, with billionaires from rich families now making up less than 20 per cent of the total number worldwide.

In fact most of today’s billionaires have partly of completely created their own wealth.

The key word here is ‘entrepreneurship’ – in fact nearly half of the world’s billionaires have founded of co-founded a business themselves.


1. University of Pennsylvania

2. Harvard University

3. Yale

4. University of Southern California

5. Princeton University

6. Cornell University

7. Stanford University

8. University of California, Berkeley

9. University of Mumbai

10.London School of Economics and Political Science

11.Lomonosov Moscow State University

12.University of Texas

13.Dartmouth College

14.University of Michigan

15.New York University

16.Duke University

17.Columbia University

18.Brown University

19.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

20.ETH Zurich

This article originally appeared on Yahoo7 Finance

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