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William and Kate Middleton enjoy rare PDA on first trip to Wales as Prince and Princess

Despite having the world's eyes on them 99% of the time, Prince William and Kate Middleton do a good job at keeping their PDA on the down-low. But on the odd occasion the couple does give us a glimpse into their love life, and on their trip to Wales this week they did just that.

To recap, when King Charles III ascended to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II's death, he appointed his son and daughter-in-law as the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Many people will be familiar with the Prince of Wales title, which was given to Charles in 1958, but the Princess of Wales title has not been used since 1997 when Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash.

To mark their new titles, this week William and Kate – who lived on the Welsh island of Anglesey for three years after their wedding – headed to Wales to meet with locals. And it was during this visit that royal fans spotted the Prince's romantic gesture to his wife – a loving touch on her shoulder. How sweet!

Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images

Elsewhere during their visit, the couple headed to St Thomas Church in Swansea where they spoke to Reverend Steven Bunting. Chatting about the engagement, Bunting later revealed that William has already started learning how to speak Welsh.

"We already know they love Wales, but having them here has been amazing and is an early sign, I think, of their commitment to Wales," the Reverend said. "I think he's taking being Prince of Wales very, very seriously."

Bunting continued: "They’ve blown us away by speaking to every person young and old, it shows how wholly committed they are to their role as Prince and Princess of Wales. The Prince of Wales was even talking about learning Welsh, and said he’d learned the word 'paned' meaning cup of tea."

Unlike the Prince of Wales investiture held for King Charles III in 1969, a spokesperson for William revealed there were no plans for a ceremony of the same grandeur. "Right now is about deepening trust with the people of Wales and representing the dynamic Wales that there is today," Kensington Palace said. "There are no plans for the investiture yet."

The appointment of the Prince of Wales title has not been well-received by all members of the Welsh public, with a petition calling for the title to be scrapped gaining more than 35,000 signatures.

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