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#6 Carrefour

Survey respondents praised the French retailer for carrying "everything you need under one roof." Siegal+Gale also notes that under new CEO George Plassat, store managers are able to tailor inventory to local tastes, helping to make products more relevant to consumers.

The world's favourite brands

Aldi, Amazon, Google, and McDonald's are among the world’s favourite brands in 2013, according to a new ranking from the consulting firm Siegal+Gale.

To determine the rankings, Siegal+Gale asked more than 10,000 consumers in seven countries to review hundreds of brands based on the simplicity of their products, advertising, and customer service.

Why does simplicity matter?

"People are more likely to recommend brands that are simpler, and they are happy to pay a premium — pay more money — for the simpler brands," said Brian Rafferty, Siegal+Gale's research director.

According to the report, consumers are willing to spend at least 5% more for simpler brands, and 75% of people are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences.

Here are the 10 most simple brands worldwide, according to the report:

[Source: Business Insider]