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Bend & Blaze Yoga allows attendants to smoke marijuana in class

Yahoo Finance Live's Jared Blikre, Rachelle Akuffo, and Dave Briggs take a look at a yoga studio offering classes that encourage participants to smoke marijuana during yoga sessions.

Video transcript

- All right. Another fun story. Speaking of munchies, a higher yoga experience is now possible. You can smoke marijuana while you practice yoga in a class at what's called Bend and Blaze in Brooklyn. The studio has locations in New York and Denver and is committed to destigmatizing cannabis and creating a space to explore an elevated yoga practice.

Marijuana is legal, of course, in both New York and Colorado. And there are several yoga studios, guys, around the country that do offer this practice, including Lit Yoga, Green Magic, and Ganja Yoga, in addition to Bend and Blaze. Just my first reaction here is, no, you're there to get relaxed. And I don't think you need anything to enhance that. I do yoga regularly, but also to work out. And part of this practice is they go get pizza afterwards, which kind of ruins the point of the solid workout--


- Well, you're hungry.

- --is going and filling up with calories.

- You're hungry. You got to feed beast. So I am the least flexible person in the world, Dave. This is one way that might actually get me started in yoga. I might skip the pizza afterwards or I might not. I don't know if I'd have the willpower to do that. But I'll tell you what. If you're not used to doing this and it hurts, why not do something that would decrease the pain, maybe enhance your mental awareness, maybe get you into it, and then you can withdraw from that.

- That's a good sales pitch. What do you think, Rochelle?

- I mean, I'm not sure. I'm not the most coordinated person as it is. So then adding marijuana into the mix that I'll end up probably falling on someone and spoiling it for everyone. I'm not that keen to try it. It's not really my thing. I do get the appeal, though, especially where, Jared, you're talking about perhaps people who are scared about getting injured, or maybe if you're just nervous to try it. Maybe you're just embarrassed. You don't like working out in front of people. It's been a while because of the pandemic. I mean, maybe. It's for someone. It's not for me. I'm not the target audience for this.

- Yeah. I think a lot of people, generally speaking, are nervous. And that's what keeps them out of a yoga studio in the first place, like, oh, I can't do all these crazy stretches and Downward Facing Dog and whatnot. So that might loosen your inhibitions a little bit and make you actually better at the yoga practice. You actually have turned me around on this. But again, it's the munchie problem that I think is self defeating in terms of burning all those calories and then going and filling up on munchies and pizza and the like. So you swayed me if I can stay away from the post-yoga snacks.

- I got you. And some interesting names that you rattled off there, one more, 420 Space Yoga classes.