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Buffalo Wild Wings adds its first-ever pizza to menu

Food reporter Allie Canal joins the Live show to unveil Buffalo Wild Wings' latest buffalo wing pizza.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Buffalo Wild Wings is getting into new territory. Its latest menu item, its new addition is pizza. We've got Alexandra Canal here with the goods. Allie.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: I am here with the goods, Seana, and yes, this is Buffalo Wild Wings' first ever pizza. They've had wings, they've had beer, but they're missing the pizza. And now we can get all three, guys, at Buffalo Wild Wings because this pizza--

SEANA SMITH: Smells good.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: --has hand spun boneless wings on top of the pizza. It comes in two varieties-- classic buffalo, honey barbecue. So--

SEANA SMITH: We gotta give it a go.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: --let's get to--

DAVE BRIGGS: Some cherry peppers, it looks like.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Some cherry peppers. We got to get to eating, guys.

DAVE BRIGGS: And do they come in the variety of sauces? Like, can you order it mild? Can you order it spicy? I assume--


DAVE BRIGGS: I got you with your mouth full, which is my turn.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Right now, these are the two main versions.

SEANA SMITH: Oh, this is good.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: This is so good.



SEANA SMITH: A solid new menu addition.

DAVE BRIGGS: There was never really any doubt this was going to be--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: No, it's a big push for NFL season. People have a lot of pizza, a lot of wings when they watch football games. It's easy to order. It's customizable. Why not do both?

DAVE BRIGGS: I've been making buffalo pizza--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: It's perfect.

DAVE BRIGGS: --for years at home. Is this available nationwide?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Mm-hmm, nationwide. Oh. I had a wing-- a wing accident.

DAVE BRIGGS: Your rating?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: [INAUDIBLE] $10 for one of these pies, which I think is a pretty good deal.

DAVE BRIGGS: That's a steal.

SEANA SMITH: Really good deal.

DAVE BRIGGS: And your rating is a 10?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: I think it's a 10.

SEANA SMITH: I think it's a 10.

DAVE BRIGGS: That'll do it for us. We're going to eat this pizza. We'll see you tomorrow, 3 o'clock Eastern time. Thank you, Allie. Thank you, Seana.