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Global Payments and Yelp stocks rise on earnings, Lyft stock crashes

Yahoo Finance Live’s Julie Hyman breaks down how stocks are moving in intraday trading.

Video transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Even though it's Friday at the end of the week, we still have a lot of earnings that we're talking about today. We already talked about a lot of them, but there are yet more to highlight as well. So I wanted to just touch on a couple of them here. One of them that we have is Global Payments. That's a 10-year chart. Let's take a look at it the intraday and see how they're reacting to their earnings. They're up about 5 and 1/2%. Global Payments in particular coming out with a sales forecast for the full year that was ahead of estimates.

And then let's see, is Yelp on here somewhere? I don't see. Let's look at the equal weight and see if it's one of the little teeny ones that is coming up. I don't see Yelp on here, but Yelp--


BRIAN SOZZI: Oh, Julie, is it there?

JULIE HYMAN: Lyft is down 35% in a single session. I know you would be this-- would be forgiven for thinking that this was, like, a year-to-date chart, but no, it's just today. And, yes, Lyft is, indeed, down by 35% at the moment, which means it's its worst single day session ever on a percentage basis. Let's get over to the trending ticker, shall we, and look at the intraday and see how these guys are doing. Not surprisingly, Lyft is also topping our trending ticker, so a lot of people interested in that one.

Coinbase as well, down about 3% on concerns about staking. We're going to get more on that a little bit later in the show. We talked about Cloudflare and Expedia and Newell Brands as well. And also Global Payments is on this trending list that you are watching as well.

BRAD SMITH: Yelp is up if you were looking for that--

JULIE HYMAN: Yelp is up. I know. I was looking--

BRAD SMITH: --by about 7%, yeah.

JULIE HYMAN: I was looking for it on here, but Yelp--

BRIAN SOZZI: We were trying to yelp at you from over here, Julie.

JULIE HYMAN: Thank you. I appreciate your yelps. The company's fourth quarter beat estimates, revenue rising by 13%. You see it there. It's up by 6.6%. JPMorgan pointing out that the ad business actually seems to be resilient for Yelp, which has been a little bit unusual as of late if you look at the companies that rely on ad tech for their ads for their business.