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The pandemic will end, but the virus isn't going away: Gregory Zuckerman

Gregory Zuckerman, author of ‘A Shot to Save the World’, joins Yahoo Finance's Editor-in-Chief, Andy Serwer, for a discussion about what COVID-19 will look like in the future.

Video transcript

ANDY SERWER: There is the prospective case where the government is going to suggest that everyone gets-- every person in America gets a booster, Pfizer booster as well, right?


ANDY SERWER: Or Moderna.

GREGORY ZUCKERMAN: --and I think that is coming, right. And also just sort of down the road, I believe, that this pandemic is going to end, but this virus is not going away. It's going to be endemic. It's going to kind of melt into the background, but we're always going to have things cropping up, areas that aren't vaccinating. We're going to have issues. It's going to morph, and it's going to have more strains.

I'm not saying this for people to be too concerned, I do think Pfizer and Moderna and the other companies can adjust their vaccines. So you'll go in, and they'll be second and third generation vaccines. You'll go into a doctor's office and get a COVID vaccine, but it'll be an all-in-one. Maybe with a flu vaccine, maybe they'll throw something else in there, too.

So I don't want people to be too discouraged, but the vaccine research that I write about, they're trying to stay ahead of this thing.

GREGORY ZUCKERMAN: Yeah. I mean, is that a losing battle? Is it going to be like the flu? Are we going to continue to need new vaccines all the time? I mean, this seems like it's not going to just end as you suggest.

ANDY SERWER: Yeah, it won't.


ANDY SERWER: It won't. But I wouldn't call it a losing battle. I think we'll stay ahead of it, and these vaccines are so much more effective than a flu vaccine. So--


ANDY SERWER: --if you've got protection of 70%, 80%, and it's even higher for hospitalization and death, it will allow us to return to some-- to a normalcy, really, in society.

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