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Wendy’s stock flat on mixed earnings, strong international sales

Yahoo Finance anchors discuss Wendy's earnings and the outlook for the fast food chain.

Video transcript

- All right, from Coinbase, we're going to do some food here. We're looking at Wendy's here after its earnings out this morning. All in all, a pretty good quarter from Wendy's here. You're seeing US same store sales up 2.3%, international same store sales up 15.2% in the second quarter, continuing the theme of very strong results overseas from a lot of the fast food players.

We just talked to Restaurant Brands CEO Jose Cil last week. He saw double digit gains in Burger King, I believe, in emerging markets. So Wendy's here looks to be doing well internationally, but still only slightly raising the top end of their earnings outlook for this year. Lots to talk about on this company. We'll talk to CEO Todd Penegor in the 11:00 hour.

- Yeah, it really did come down to international. I mean, 48.2% growth that you were looking at, well, in 2021 and then additionally here 22.7% here, system sales growth internationally. I think when we think about the customer profile that a Wendy's is going to compete with other fast food profiles on an international basis, the menu innovation, if you will, it comes down to--

- Oh, put a little shade there.

- It comes down to the menu innovation. It really does.

- I love it.

- And the times of the day that you're trying to convert, some of-- everyone from a digital subscriber, that McDonald's is going to compete with them on, and I think that's what really is, keeping those people in the system.

- Let's stay on this innovation, Wendy's now out, Julie, with French toast sticks. That's supposed to be big for them.

- They do?

- That is innovation.

- We can have breakfast wars, yeah, you could argue.

- French toast sticks have been around forever. How is that--

- I like French toast sticks.

- I like them. But they're not new.

- All right.

- Burger King had some good French toast sticks.

- We'll take this up on the office.